14th UNGIWG Plenary Meeting

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General Information

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 (All day) to Friday, May 16, 2014 (All day)
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New York - USA

The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) cordially invite you to attend the 14th Plenary Meeting of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG) to be held in New York, USA on 14 - 16 May 2014.

Formed in 2000, UNGIWG is a network of UN professionals working in the fields of cartography and geospatial information management science to address issues of common concern. Since its inception, UNGIWG has been laying the foundations for a United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure (UNSDI).

At its core, the UNSDI contributes substantively to the mission of the United Nations by engaging member states, regional organizations and partners in building consensus, policy and governance mechanisms to ensure that geospatial data and information sharing practices are used widely in advancing social, economic development, environmental and humanitarian agendas.

Kindly note that each participant is responsible for travel, accommodation, visa arrangements and all expenses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the UNGIWG Secretariat at contact at secretariat@ungiwgsec.org for further information.

Looking forward to a productive UNGIWG-14 in New York on 14 -16 May 2014.


UNGIWG Co-chairs, 2014-2016


Mr. Andre Dehondt
Chief of Crisis Management and Information Support Section (CMISS)
Field Support Services (FSS)
Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)
United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY 10017, USA

Tel: +1 212 963 9027
Email: dehondt@un.org

Mr. Luc St-Pierre
Senior Programme Officer
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
Vienna International Centre
Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 (1) 26060 4958
Email: luc.st-pierre@unoosa.org


UNGIWG Secretariat


Mr. Hwa Saup Lee
Geographic Information Management Officer
Chief of Crisis Management and Information Support Section (CMISS)
Field Support Services (FSS)
Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)
United Nations Secretariat
New York, USA

TEL: +1 917-367-4864
E-mail: lee53@un.org






Registration is closed!!!!!


Nr. First Name Family Name Organization
1 Yared Abebe UNAMID
2 Hwa Saup Lee UNDSS
3 Andre Dehondt UNDSS
4 Sharafat Gadimova UNOOSA
5 Lorant Czaran UNOOSA
6 Omar Adrian Gonzalez de la Hoz OCHA
7 Reza Firuzabadi World Bank
8 Guillaume Criloux UNDFS
9 Suha Ulgen IMAGINS
10 Prabhat Kumar UNDP
11 Ashraf Abushady CTBTO
12 Matjaz Prah CTBTO
13 Helmuth Breitenfellner CTBTO
14 Oleg Rozhkov CTBTO
15 Fawad Raza WFP
16 Patrick Florance Tufts University/Open Geoportal
17 Christopher Barnett Tufts University/Open Geoportal
18 Clement Karege OCHA
19 Salim Sawaya ESRI
20 Carmelle Terborgh ESRI
21 Alaa Zohery WFP
22 Julia Zhu World Bank
23 Qiyang Xu World Bank
24 Greg Scott DESA-UNSD
25 Joshua Rutkowski IAEA
26 Rob Gray UNECA
27 Timur Obukhov UNDFS
28 Kristina Mackinnon OCHA
29 Ayako Kagawa UNDFS
30 Janice Joo OICT
31 Erin Doxsey-Whitfield CIESIN, Columbia University
32 Alex de Sherbinin CIESIN, Columbia University
33 Dara Mendeloff CIESIN, Columbia University
34 Kytt MacManus CIESIN, Columbia University
35 Linda Pistolesi CIESIN, Columbia University
36 Ken Herman CEB
37 Jihad Abdalla UNICEF
38 Quanhong Zheng UNDFS
39 Daniel Baril UNOWA
40 Michael Godfrey UNICEF
41 Etta D. Jackson The Institute for Conscious Global Change
42 Geraldine Velandria UNDFS
43 Jochen Albrecht The Institute of Conscious Global Change
45 Fanghong Ye DESA-UNSD
46 Sarah Telford UNOCHA
47 Luis Capelo UNOCHA
48 Javier Teran UNOCHA
49 Simonetta Di Pippo UNOOSA
50 Wei Luo Google
51 Nigel Snoad Google
52 Woods Buckley Google
53 Gabe Scoggin Google
54 Rashid Kashif WFP
55 Paolo Palmero UNOCHA
56 Steve Madidson Latitude Geographics
57 George Davis Latitude Geographics
58 Guillaume Le Sourd DOALOS/OLA
59 Robert Sandev DOALOS/OLA
60 Eom Kyoung-Soo UNDFS
61 Cecille Blake DESA-UNSD
62 Alexander Margulis Artemis, INC
63 Yuly Margulis Artemis, INC
64 Max Margulis Artemis, INC
65 Taner Kodanaz Digital Globe
66 Mark Reichardt OGC
67 Robert Rose WCS
68 Alexandra Bonnefoy European Space Policy Institute
69 David Landry European Space Policy Institute
70 Peter Hulsroj European Space Policy Institute
71 John Allen Collins Bartholomew
72 Wenhan Xie DESA-UNSD
73 Kumar Navulur Digital Globe
74 Karen Payne ITOS
75 Kimberley Roberson UNHCR




No events


United Nations Headquarters

UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017


Meeting Location: Conference Room 9 / Conference Building / UN Headquarters


Maps and Floor Plans

Travel Information

Travel Advisory: The United States is at security level 1 (Minimal) and is considered non-restrictive regarding travel and family accompaniment at the duty station. Currently there are no significant security threats in general nor direct threats to UN personnel or assets within the country. Travelers should be aware of petty crime which may include pick pocketing and street scams, and exercise caution while transiting in public areas as well as when using ATM machines or money exchange tellers. Spare credit cards, travel documents and valuable items must be kept in a protected place such as the safe box in the hotel. Handbags should not be placed over backs of chairs or under tables at restaurants and one should always be vigilant when moving about the streets at night. It is the traveler’s responsibility to comply with immigration, customs and health requirements while entering/exiting the country.

Security Clearance Procedure: This country uses TRIP at https://dss.un.org.  For UN Presonnels, please submit the security clearance 7 days prior to travel. Technical assistance for TRIP is available at dsshelp@un.org or +1 917 367-9438.

Note: For all international travel to this country, security clearance must be requested a minimum of 7 days prior to travel.

Identification Badges and Ground Passes: For UN presonnels from different UN duty stations, you may use your UN Laissez-Passer to facility entrance to the UN premises or request your representative office in New York to make arrangements for your ground pass.  For participants from non-UN organizations, a temporary day pass will be arranged by UNGIWG Secretariat based on the registration.

Immigration Requirements: Participants should contact relevant United States of America embassies or consulates on visa requirements, and obtain the appropriate entry permit where necessary as early as possible.  Please contact UNGIWG Secretariat, if you need an official invitation letter for supporting documentation for visa request.

For more information on New York, please see the following link:




Arrangements for hotels need to be made by individual at hotels of their own choice. A list of hotel in the vicinity of the UN is provided below.

Please note that a credit card is normally required to make a reservation, participants should plan accordingly.

Participants can contact hotels directly and make reservations.  It is highly recommended to make the necessary reservations at least one week prior to the event.

Below are some popular web sites for hotel search:

Below is the list of hotels located in the vicinity of the United Nations (the list is from UNSD New York Resource Guide).





155 East 50th Street


Affinia Dumont

150th West 34th Street



59 West 44th Street



140 East 63rd Street


Amsterdam Court

226 West 50th Street


Beekman Hotel

3 Mitchell Place



125 East 50th Street



500 East 62nd Street


Crown Plaza Hotel

304 East 42nd Street


D/Tree Metropolitan

569 Lexiongton Avenue and 53rd Street


Eastgate Tower Hotel

222East 39th Street


Envoy Club

377 East 33rd Street



141East 44th Street


Grand Hyatt New York

42nd - Park Avenue


Hemsley Middle Town

148 East 48th Street


Hemsley New York

212 East 42nd Street


Hemsley Park Lane

36 Central


Hilton Manhattan East

304 East 42nd Street



201 East 24th Street and 3rd Avenue


Melrose Hotel

140 East 63rd Street


Milleniun Un Plaza

1 Un Plaza



243 West 55th Street


Paramount Hotel

235 West 46th Street


Pod Hotel

230 E 51st Street


Radisson Lexington

511 Lexington Avenue


Roger Smith

501 Lexington Avenue


Shelburne Murray Hill

303 Lexington Avenue


Southgate Tower Hotel

371 7th Avenue


Surrey Hotel

20 East 76th Street



65 West 54th Street


Dylan Hotel

52 East 44th Street


The Alex

205 East 45th Street


Dream Hotel

210 West 55th Street


70 Park Avenue -Kempton Hotel

70 Park Avenue


Roosevelt Hotel

45 East 45H Street at Madison Avenue




Mr. Hwa Saup Lee
Geographic Information Management Officer
Chief of Crisis Management and Information Support Section (CMISS)
Field Support Services (FSS)
Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)
United Nations Secretariat
New York, USA

TEL: +1 917-367-4864
E-mail: lee53@un.org